‘Baling twine’ll fix it’

So many little things need doing when starting a business and designing the packaging for products is one of them. Packaging helps to convey messages about the business to the customer by contributing to the ’look’ and to the story that the branding is telling. At HQ we wanted to keep to our simple rustic, country theme, as well as to avoid using excess packaging. We played with different ideas using paper and print, before remembering that classic phrase that any country dweller will be familiar with – ‘baling twine’ll fix it’.

And so the packaging for our tea towels was born. We did replace the baling twine with jute string though, (we want to achieve a certain standard!) and designed an accompanying swing tag in a rustic brown card. We hope you like it - and also, the next time you need to tie something, you might remember getting that perfect piece of string!